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TMUDFD - A Social Edification Project


TeleMeetUp at Digital Front Door

Speech-enabled Multilingual Intelligent Bot
AI-powered Chatbot Implemented with Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Always-on facility readily available for providing information
  • Frictionless pivoting to video conference / virtual interaction with human agents complete with SWISTWIT (See What I See Touch What I Touch) approximation to presence
  • Cloud-based managed service platform for Last Mile Service Provision

The highlights of the service features are

  • Always-on facility readily available for fast access to all parties involved in an optimum emergency service provision with minimum clicks/taps to set up video conference and virtual interaction including SWISTWIT functionality
  • Speech-enabled operation
  • Multilingual
  • Knowledge-based NLP (Natural Language Processing) capability for proprietary documents/resources relative to the industry space and also implemented with the facility for working in conjunction with GPT3/4 for larger resource of publicly available information
  • Circumspect in recording in multimedia
  • Streaming capability to designated units for on-going situation updates

Example Use Cases

(Enhanced GPT for Emergency Medical Service)

Insurance Claim Processing
for Automobile Damage