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TMU - A Social Edification Project


TeleMeetUp and MRESENCE

Video Conference
Virtual Interaction
Remote Collaboration


Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) for Transcription & Translation
Text-to-Speech (TTS) Conversion for Native Language Chat
MRESENCE SWISTWIT (See What I See Touch What I Touch) Virtual Hand
Multimedia Recording & Intelligent Search for Selective Playback

TMU video conference and virtual interactions surmount distance, cost, lack of time, politics, culture, etc. TMU services cater to industry users as well the general population in various sectors: telemedicine, online education, social welfare, etc.

TMU is particularly useful for improving healthcare services for rural communities by connecting the rural patients to medical professionals in urban hospitals and clinics.

Overcome language barriers across the globe

Each user can select a different language. All the users in the call see the transcribed text translated to their chosen language. The translated text may also be converted to speech. Users can play foreign language videos within TMU in a video conference involving multiple parties for group enjoyment/discussion with each participant communicating and enjoying the video in their selected language; this functionality greatly enhances the access to a larger resource of information and learning materials.

MRESENCE – Presence in Mixed Reality

Empathy over cyberspace – Parties, physically separated over long distance, can interact with one another in ways that achieve in Mixed Reality the experience of See What I See Touch What I Touch (SWISTWIT) by creating real-time pointing and hand gestures on a remote party’s video stream.

Productivity - Remote experts giving immediate assistance with pinpointing accuracy can enhance the efficacy and efficiency of work operations.

TMU Explainer Video