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PPIXXELLS™ - A Social Edification™ Project


PPIXXELLS™ is a service platform purpose-designed to be a digital central for recreation and enjoyment by its subscribers in many ways and modes of activity, notably

1. where one can post one’s best photographs, including 360-degree photographs, and videos, including 360 degree videos of places, things and events, that one has taken / recorded and to share them with other subscribers

2. where one can make DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Augmented Reality (AR) Production of/with pictures/images available in the service platform and also make DIY 360VR (Virtual Reality) Production of/with available 360 photographs

3. where techniques for DIY AR and VR Production with the use of web-based editor, named VIVE-AR™ for AR Production and DIY mobile editor named QiiQ-VR™ for making 360VR Production are explained and made available to the service subscribers to use

4. where one can be enlightened and enriched with wonderful images and great facility for making AR & VR Production to show to friends and loved ones